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By Vicki on March 16, 2012 • Comments Off

I have addedd 1010 screencaps from Parked.

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By Vicki on March 12, 2012 • Comments Off

“Packing two terrific performances and a quirky independent spirit, Byrne’s bittersweet coming-of-middle-age comedy is an unexpected treat. 4 stars” Total Film

Directed by Darragh Byrne, Starring Colm Meaney (The Van) and Colin Morgan (Merlin)

Fred (Colm Meaney, The Snapper), has fallen on hard times and finds himself living in his car with little hope of improving his situation. That all changes when he forms an unlikely friendship with Cathal (Colin Morgan, Merlin), a dope-smoking 21-year-old with a positive attitude, and his new ‘neighbour’ in the Dublin car park they call home.

Cathal is determined to help Fred sort his life out. He modifies his car, helps him sign on the dole and make a friend in Jules, an attractive music teacher. But as Fred struggles with his pride to tell Jules about his ‘home’, and Cathal’s drug habit spirals out of control, their friendships are tested as their lives change forever.

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It’s that simple! Winners will be notified by phone/email.

Best of luck!

Source: Film News.

By Vicki on January 1, 2012 • Comments Off

5th – Drive (4.74%)
4th– Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (5.74%)
3rd – X Men: First Class (7.6%) / Thor (7.6%)
2nd – The Guard (7.99%)

Source: Movie Bit.

By Vicki on December 1, 2011 • Comments Off

By Vicki on November 30, 2011 • Comments Off

Parked tackles serious issues but in a unique way – is that what attracted you?
Absolutely… You watch this film and it does have a very bleak undertone to it, because it does deal with homelessness, it does touch on a bit of the economic state of Ireland, and drug abuse, all very serious issues. But it very much focuses on the human story, and the hope and how Irish people tend to cope in these situations – which is very resiliently, I think, and in a way in which they don’t let themselves get down and they battle through. By the end of the film, Colm Meaney’s character Fred is changed forever by it. For a tough subject matter, it has a very strong message of hope.

Parked is almost a two-hander between you and Meaney – was that intense?

It was great. It definitely focuses on our friendship throughout the movie, and then of course the third character is Jules ??, . These three characters are all in a very lonely place. Darragh the director was always saying that these characters were essentially ‘parked’ in life, you know? They weren’t going anywhere. That was another theme of the film. Of course, a big part of what my character does for Fred is to not have him so static, to move him on in life. We do have some very intense scenes but lots of fun ones; there’s a lot of humour in there. As the film goes on, it does become a lot more intense. Working with Colm Meaney, being such an incredible Irish actor, is an absolute honour.

READ MORE @ The Irish World.

By Vicki on November 25, 2011 • Comments Off

By Vicki on November 20, 2011 • Comments Off

By Vicki on November 20, 2011 • Comments Off

Colin attended the screening of Parked and he looked very handsome.

Home > Public Appearances > 2011 > “Parked” Screening At IFFMH

By Vicki on November 15, 2011 • 1 Comment

Colin Morgan, star of BBC’s hit series Merlin, is set to bring a touch of magic to Belfast during the Takeover Film Festival at Queen’s Film Theatre, part of the Cinemagic International Film Festival for Young People. His latest leading role is in Irish feature film Parked, the Northern Irish premiere of which will open the Takeover Festival.

What is Parked about and who do you play?

Parked tells the story of a character called Fred, played by Colm Meaney, who has nowhere to live and no job. He ends up living out of his car in a car park (hence the name of the film) and he can’t get welfare due to having no fixed abode. Things aren’t looking great for him, and my character, Cathal, is pretty much in the same boat, living out of a car in the same park, but for very different reasons.

Cathal is a bit of a junkie waster who has had something of a dark past. They strike up a friendship and Cathal tries to bring Fred back to the light, despite being in so much darkness, and together they find the importance of being at home.

The subject matter sounds quite dark and gritty, but is the overriding message an uplifting one?

The film tackles some big subjects, dealing with homelessness and drug addiction and the economic state of Ireland at the moment, and it does highlight all of those issues very well. However, there is also a really uplifting note to it, about hope and about finding happiness in the darkest of situations. My character Cathal, who is a very happy go lucky guy, tries to lift Fred up despite his own situation, and he does end up suffering as a result.

READ MORE @ Culture Northern Ireland.

By Vicki on September 14, 2011 • Comments Off

2 more stills from Parked have been added.

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